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Oct 2023


Product designer, Research, Motion design


A feature designed to increase daily and monthly active users by adding Google My Business profile management.


DocConnect is a mobile app designed to help clinic doctors boost their income by facilitating patient referrals to top hospitals within the Ayu Health network. Additionally, it enables doctors to monitor their patients' progress, vital signs, and medication adherence in real-time. The app had an active user base of 1000 active users, the goal of introducing the Google My Business profile management feature was to increase both DAU and MAU, enhancing overall user engagement and retention.


For three months after the launch, I monitored the feature and made improvements to the GMB creation and linking process. These changes significantly boosted user engagement and retention, showing the feature's overall effectiveness.


GMB profiles created


Overall completion rate


Increase in MAU

First Version

What was intended? 🧐

Doctor with a Google presence can earn upto ₹6000 more per month.

What some users understood? 🫠

"I created my GMB profile, but I didn't get my ₹6000"

Improved Version


Progressive Disclosure

An onboarding is likely to be successful when complex actions are gradually revealed.

The goal is to avoid overwhelming the user with too much information at once, thereby reducing cognitive load and making the interaction more manageable and efficient.

Adding hours on Google

Adding hours on DocConnect

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